Cartographer’s chains: cloak-territory-affect



Relief printed rice paper, pigment inks, silk, cotton, archival glues.
2m x 2m

This work is a part of an ongoing investigation into measuring affect through imagined cartographic measuring devices. This artwork is about the activity of doing research; experiments, observations, measuring, interventions, and analysis – actions and activities of research that are immersed in affect and place. The Cartographer’s chain: cloak-territory-affect describe the mapping of a territory and the close reading of a place. Affects entangle the mapping device; they huddle into black-green swampy clumps, gathering in folds, and snag into the points, just touching of how we measure place. It is about a place imagined, a place of the imaginary, and addresses ideas about innovation and visions for our future in the ways we embody the affects and effects of places.


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