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Conference Papers

McPherson, M. (2015). Critical thinking in the university studio: shifting making, remaking and unmaking as learning in the crit. 14th Annual Qualitative Methods Conference, International Institute of Qualitative Methodology (IIQM), Melbourne (April 28)

McPherson M. (2014) Making us: Methodologies of researching learning and teaching in the university studio. ACUADS 2014, University of Melbourne and RMIT, (2-3 October)

McPherson M. (2013) Making identities in the university art studio: “that’s what I thought you wanted me to make” in Towards a Progressive Arts Education: Inclusion, Change and Intervention, University of the Arts London, British Library. (November)

De La Harpe, B, McPherson, M and Mason, T. (2012) Developing leaders for the future through art and design studios. AgIDEAS, Design Research Conference, ACMI, Melbourne

McPherson, M (2011) Printmaking and learning in a notion of practice in the university studio. Impact 7 Conference, Monash University, Melbourne

Editorial Advisory Boards

Being “In and Out”: Providing voice to early career women in academia (Narelle Lemon and Susanne Garvis Eds.) with Sense Publishing 2014.

Revolutionizing Arts education in K-12 Classrooms through Technical Integration (Narelle Lemon, Ed.) as a part of Advances in Early Childhood and K-12 Education (AECKE) book series for IGI Global 2014.


Inger Mewburn and Megan McPherson: Assisted the Evaluation of OLT funded project: ID11-2011 New tools and techniques for learning in the field: studying the built environment 2014

Curriculum consultations
November 2014- June 2015
Curriculum Renewal embedding employability and enterprise within the creative arts pedagogies. Bachelor of Creative Art, La Trobe Institute of Art, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, La Trobe University

VA RPL project RMIT University

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