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Subjectivity, agency and affect in the undergraduate university art studio crit

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CF11/3505 – 2011001862

This study examines the spaces of the university studio as a site to understand contemporary debates about learning and teaching practices in art and design education. In considering the crit as a learning and teaching tool, I am exploring Foucault’s notion of critique as practice (Butler, 2001). I am investigating how the notion of crit is used in the university studio, and the emphasis placed on critique in the university studio, to consider how the crit develops an understanding of enacting and becoming a practising artist in the university studio. In turn, this may lead to ways of thinking differently about how art practice is taught, critiqued, evaluated and assessed in the university studio.

The university art studio uses pedagogical tools such as crits, group tutorial or reviews as a way to learn the practice of becoming an artist. The crit in the university studio is considered by some researchers as a problematic learning and teaching tool (Blair, 2006; Percy, 2003; Webster, 2003), however, there has been little research conducted on the crit within the art studio. There is a small body of educational research exploring the crit in the university studio within Australia, centred on the design and architecture studio (for example, Wallis, Clayton, Moss &Thomas, 2009). This research study endeavours to contribute to filling this gap in the literature.

Project: PhD by Thesis, Faculty of Education, Monash University
Supervisor: Professor Mary Lou Rasmussen
Supervisor: A/Professor Anne Harris

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