Net, with a visible mend


Net, with a visible mend 2014

Net, with a visible mend is concerned with observations of place and affect, measuring and recording. It is about making, remaking, and mending. This notion of making, remaking and mending is informed by Japanese boro, everyday utilitarian textiles that are repaired repeatedly and visibly that show both wear, and care.

This artwork is about the activity of doing research; experiments, observations, measuring, interventions, and analysis – actions of research that are documented with artworks and the production of many words.

These are nets to catch words. Paper nets to absorb language, research, memory, and affect of the things I have seen, heard, felt and thought through. They record action, the action of making. In catching words, the net is my tool for an iterative action that smudges between art making and writing.

Net, with a visible mend
Net, with a visible mend
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