Holding tight, sigh

Holding tight, sigh (2021)
Collaged water colour pigment ink, relief printed etching on rice paper, glues, pins.
1.2 m x 1m x 0.3m (3 bags, installation variable)

Artist statement

In this series of works, I am making leaky paper bags. Leaky so to afford thinking about how to carry affect and how this affect is considered in the ways we breathe and take breath. The paper bags respond to moving affect and are working with a notion of unease, how this unease is always carried with us, and how it is measured. I am considering how this affective heaviness permeates and measures what we do. Voluminously heavy and weightless, all at the same time, these paper bags made to carry anxious thoughts.

To make these works, rice paper printed with oil-based inks repel the watercolour and translucent inks used to colour the papers. They are then sliced, made into long lengths and then formed into grids using archival glues. Meshwork grids are constructed, which are then formed into three-dimensional forms, and are held from the wall with pins. The meshwork is considered as a filter; the pins are holding on to a moment of movement in time, the white printed marks and grey graduated washes represent the moments of time held by the bags, leaking and holding form at the same time.

Detail, Holding tight, sigh (2021)
Detail, Holding tight, sigh (2021)
Detail, Holding tight, sigh (2021)
Detail, Holding tight, sigh (2021)
Detail, Holding tight, sigh (2021)

Finalist, McClelland’s Splash Contemporary Watercolour Award 2021.
McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery,
390 McClelland Drive, Langwarrin Vic 3910

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