Embody that affect: loop, wingspan, length of a cartographer’s chain

Relief printed rice paper, pigment inks, silk, cotton, metal rings, archival glues.


Embody that affect: loop, wingspan, length of a cartographer’s chain is concerned with measuring and recording from observations of place and affect. It is about a making, unmaking and remaking process that informs how I approach experiences and affects. This notion of measuring by affect that tells of how to become in the world.

This artwork is about the activity of doing research; experiments, observations, measuring, interventions, and analysis – actions and activities of research that are immersed in affect. The loop, wingspan and length describe the endless junctions and flights, my arm span, and a length of time. These are the links that affect catches onto; they huddle into black swampy clumps, gathering in the strange shapes of experiences, and snag into the points of just touching. Grasping at that affect, and grasping at my attempt to measure that affect is how this works.

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