MMcPherson_considering (sack)_dangerous thoughts

Considering (sack)_dangerous thoughts

Considering (sack)_dangerous thoughts is a large hand printed open weave-like bag for the collection of dangerous thoughts. It’s a paper sack. It is both empty and full at the same time. It is a fully leaky object, a metaphor for change and how we involve others and ourselves in a space of change. This work is ultimately about risky space; what we risk when we to think and activate dangerous thoughts. Full of unseen, unspoken, dangerous thoughts, this bag is the collection and thinking space before activism. I invite others to collect their thoughts in this space, preferably their dangerous thoughts in a fragile sack of woven-like paper because activism and social change is a risky space. A risk to be in, and a risk not to be in.
This sack is for ideas and thought, and like all good dangerous ideas, they escape this space.