Megan McPherson / Lisa Sewards / Andrew Weatherill


detail_ Mapping the moons

Exploring the notion of identity through the prism of space and time, three artists employ traditional and contemporary techniques to express their perceptions of the ways – fixed and fleeting – in which person occupies place.

Megan McPherson is an artist and printmaker contemplating the consequences of identity on space, their effect on the way we live in the world, and how we measure and fix spaces affected by our time in them.

Lisa Sewards uses traditional intaglio printmaking, etching on photopolymer plates, and digital technology to examine the parachute paradox: a symbol of hope and strength that floats, passive and delicate, on air.

Andrew Weatherill navigates changing landscapes to investigate perception, location and the value of memory, interweaving paint, photography and intaglio printmaking to illustrate the shifting point of contact between mass and space.


Exhibition dates: Sep 10 —28, 2020
Official closing (if possible): Sep 27, 2 – 4pm, 2020

Exhibition online one week prior to opening:
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